Free Discovery Call to Discuss Hypnotherapy

An initial telephone chat to discuss your issues and if Hypnotherapy would be suitable for the client. 

It also your chance to ask any questions. 



£  FREE 

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Initial Consultation for Hypnotherapy

Our initial meeting, comprising of information gathering and goal setting. Also a knowledge on how the brain works in relation to the issue(s).
I will also discuss the suggested therapy program and timescale (although not always an exact science).
This session can be concluded with or without a short hypnosis session.

£70 per session

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Subsequent Hypnotherapy Sessions

Subsequent sessions of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy concluding after the initial consultation.
Comprising of positive psychotherapy techniques, some useful knowledge on our the mind works in relation to the issue concluded by 30 mins of relaxing hypnotic trance to consolidate everything discussed.

£70 per session

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